What is PayPal Annual Error Resolution Notice? [Easy Fixes]

PayPal is one of the popular and top-rated online payment platforms that help users to perform online transactions. There are more than 200 million active PayPal users, but some of you might have received an error message indicating ‘Annual error resolution notice PayPal’.

PayPal is related to higher risks as it is related to money. Many cyber fraudsters make you vulnerable to phishing attacks that hackers usually do. To access all the functionalities of PayPal, all you need is your credit card details and bank account information. So, PayPal annual error resolution notice email is nothing else just one of the newest cyber frauds that most of the PayPal users are receiving.

What is PayPal Annual Resolution Notice Mean?

The “PayPal annual error resolution notice” is basically a type of information that PayPal provides to its users for the specific error. This information can be accessed only if there is any kind of error and unofficial transactions done through your PayPal account. Mainly, the problem is due to any unofficial transaction or any other error that occurred on your PayPal account.

You can contact PayPal Resolution Center to check if there are any unofficial transactions done through your account. This annual error resolution notice is generally to each of its customers. They are serving this service just to make you feel protected.

Information to Provide to The PayPal Error Resolution Department:

Whenever you detect any errors, like PayPal gateway decline error or anything else while using PayPal account, it is important to inform the PayPal team. You can inform the PayPal team within 60 days from the date of the error. If you do so on time, their support team will start an investigation and will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. You need to provide the following details to them while informing your issue:-

  • Your name should be the same as your PayPal account and the account linked with PayPal.
  • Briefly describe your problem or any unauthorized transaction you are not familiar with.
  • Write the exact information in detail.

Is my Annual Error Resolution Notice by PayPal a Scam?

Due to errors like internal server error, PayPal goes under the scrutiny of scammers and that creates a lot of problems for the end-user. Check out the points given below to check whether the notice that you have received is a scam or not:

  • Check whether the email you have received with the notice contains a logo similar to PayPal. Keep in mind that having a similar logo doesn’t mean it is from PayPal.
  • You should also check the ID of the sender, and if it is not from epl.paypal-communication.com legit, then you must treat it as a fraudulent activity.
  • You can easily log-in to your PayPal account. But if you experience any issue while doing so, you need to visit the PayPal site to keep a regular track on the same.
  • If you face any issue, like you may lose money or a frozen account, any PayPal error code, or anything else, you need to troubleshoot them for further use. There are a lot of users that later on keep asking how to unfreeze the PayPal account. So, if you have to resolve any kind of issue, all you have to do is apply certain steps to fix it.


Nowadays, there is a crime all over the world and we need to take safety for securing our data from unauthorized access. It is recommended to check your bank details after every transaction and avoid replying to any of the emails without checking the sender’s name. If there seems to be something fraudulent, report it as soon as possible. If there is something wrong with your PayPal account like “annual error resolution notice PayPal”, contact PayPal support as they will help you to solve the errors.

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