How to Fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dev Error 6034?

Though it is very easy to install Call of Duty on your system, but sometimes you may experience issues while installing the game. COD is mainly known for features like cross-platform multiplayer and cross-platform progression. But whenever you face any issue while installing it, try to find exact reason as workaround depends totally on the root cause. One of the common errors that you may receive is Dev error 6034. This issue generally occurs when you try to play COD Modern Warfare. Here, in this guide, we have mentioned various methods to fix the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dev Error 6034.

Dev Error 6034

What Causes COD Modern Warfare Dev Error 6034?

Usually, many console users, like PS4 and Xbox receive the Dev error 6034 while playing COD Modern Warfare on their device. The error occurs when you launch the Modern Warfare on Xbox on device without proper setup or unstable internet connection. The issue can be noticed on almost all Modern Warfare maps and is not limited to any specific model.

However, the error doesn’t take place in a streamlined manner. It mainly arises when you load the game and it starts searching for maps in the locations that are not available. Since it is unable to find those locations, it would lead to a time-out and hence the COD Modern Warfare would display Error 6034.

Methods to Fix Modern Warfare Dev error 6034 Xbox One

Before applying methods to resolve the issue, check if the game files of Modern Warfare are split between internal and external storage. If so, then consolidate the game files to the internal storage and check if it resolves the issue. If the issue still persists, apply the below-mentioned workarounds to solve your issue:

Method 01: Clear the Cache of the Xbox

Mostly, the Modern Warfare dev error 6034 occurs because of corrupted cache of the Xbox. In such cases, you can clear the cache of the Xbox by following the below steps:

  • Keep pressing the power button of your Xbox till all lights are off. This will shut it down.
  • Now remove all the power cables connecting the Xbox and electrical socket and then wait for one-two minutes.
  • Now plug back the power cable again to the back of the Xbox and power source.
  • Then wait for one minute till the light starts blinking. In case of Xbox one, wait till the white light on the power brick turns orange.
  • Now turn on the Xbox and check if the error 6034 is resolved.

Method 02: Clear the Reserved Space of the Game

Every device has some space reserved to hold patches and updates of the game. These reserved spaces might cause some issues and dev error 6034 is one of them. In such cases, you need to follow the following steps to clear the reserved space of the Modern Warfare game:

  • Place your mouse over Modern Warfare in Xbox and then click on the Options button to open the game menu.
  • Now choose the “Manage Game and Add-ons” option and then go to the Saved Data tab and then Reserved Space from the left pane.
  • Now select Clear Reserved Space to confirm the process.

Once you are done with the above steps, reboot your console and check if it resolves the dev error 6034.


So, these methods will definitely help you to fix the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dev Error 6034. If the error still persists, try to find other methods to get out of it. If those methods have worked for you, mention them in the comments section below. In case of any doubt and help, contact our technical support team.

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