How to Find WPS PIN on Brother Printer?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS is a wireless network security standard that allows you to connect your routers with wireless devices. Even if you are using wireless Brother printers you need a PIN or password to connect it to a network. Your router as well as the printer must have the WPS button to establish connection using WPS Pin. Here, in this guide, we have mentioned quick steps that you can follow to find WPS Pin on Brother Printer.

What is a WPS Pin for Brother Printer?

The Brother printer WPS pin is one of the several methods available to connect a wireless model of Brother printer to any device. If your router supports WPS, only then you can connect your printer and access its printing services. The WPS PIN is basically 8 digits Pin code and can be found using some simple steps. Now, let’s check how to find the WPS pin on Brother printer and how you can use it to connect it to your computer.

Where is the WPS Pin on My Brother Printer?

For all Brother Printer models, WPS PIN is required to connect the printer to the Windows system. You cannot print until and unless your printer is properly connected to your computer system. If you are using a wireless printer model, follow the below-mentioned steps to find WPS Pin On HP Printer.

  • Firstly, switch ON your Brother printer and tap the ‘Menu’ button on it.
  • Now, use the navigation keys to select ‘Network’.
  • Then, select ‘WLAN’ and click ‘OK’.
  • Choose ‘WPS w/PIN Code’ from the ‘WLAN’ menu.
  • When the ‘Wireless’ network appears on the screen, tap the ‘OK’ button.
  • Once you click the OK button, the 8 digit WPS PIN will appear on the screen.

Note that WPN PIN somewhere and use it to connect your printer with the WLAN access point or wireless networks.

How do I Connect my Brother Printer To WPS?

Now when you have the 8-digit pin, it’s time to use that WPS pin code on Brother printer to connect it with the router. All you have to do is:

  • Press the WPS button on the brother printer and router.
  • Open any Browser on your computer and type http://access point IP address in the search bar.
  • Now, type the PIN in the WPS setting page and go through ON screen instructions to finish the task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the WPS pin the WiFi password?

No, the WPS PIN and the WiFi password are two different things. The WPS is Wi-Fi Protected Setup, while the Wi-Fi password is an encrypted code that you need to provide for establishing a connection to an access point.

Where do I find the 8 digit PIN on my Brother printer?

In order to find the WPS PIN on your Brother printer, go to the ‘Menu’ of your Brother Printer. Then, locate and click on the ‘WLAN’ option. After that, choose ‘WPS w/PIN Code’ from the same menu and then choose the ‘network I/F switched to Wireless’ option. This will display the 8-digit WPS PIN on the screen of your device.

How to enter printer WPS PIN in WiFi router?

For connecting your Brother printer to the access point, you need to enter the WPS PIN. To get this PIN, use the WLAN menu of your printer and go through some simple steps that appear on the screen. Once you get this PIN, type it in the given space to complete the connection process.

Final Verdict: 

These simple steps will definitely help you to find the WPS PIN on Brother Printer. The WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup button allows you to configure your printer settings and to connect them to your computer. Thus, WPS PIN is the most important thing that you need to connect your printer and the computer. If you are experiencing any problems with the above steps, feel free to contact us.

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