How to Find WPS Pin Brother Printer

WPS Pin on Brothers Printer

The WPS PIN (Wi-Fi Protected Setup Personal Identification Number) is used to connect a device to a wireless network using the WPS method. However, printers typically don’t have a WPS PIN themselves; it’s usually the router that generates the WPS PIN.

You could get a prompt asking for a WPS PIN to finish the configuration while trying to connect the Brother machine to a wireless network. When Wi-Fi Direct is activated on your computer and you try to add a Wi-Fi Direct connection using Windows’ Printers and Scanners, this frequently happens. Instead, we advise utilizing the Control Panel approach or the Wireless Setup Wizard to configure the wireless connection.

NOTE: Depending on your operating system and your Brother machine, the screens may be different.

If you’re trying to connect your Brother printer to a wireless network using WPS, follow these general steps:

1. Ensure WPS Support: Make sure both your printer and router support WPS. Not all printers or routers have this feature.

2. Find the WPS Button on Your Router: Most routers have a physical WPS button. It might be labeled as “WPS” or have a WPS symbol. Locate this button on your router.

3. Activate WPS on Your Printer:
– On your Brother printer, navigate to the “Network” or “Wireless” settings on its display.
– Look for the WPS option and select it.
– The printer will prompt you to press the WPS button on your router.

4. Press the WPS Button on Your Router: Within a certain timeframe (usually a couple of minutes), press the WPS button on your router.

5. Connection: The printer and the router will establish a connection without requiring you to enter a WPS PIN.

Remember that the WPS PIN method is just one way to connect a printer to a wireless network. If your printer doesn’t support WPS, or if you’re having trouble using this method, you can consider using the regular wireless setup method, which involves selecting your network from the printer’s display and entering the network password.

If you’re specifically looking for a PIN on your Brother printer, please go to Brother Website link below.

You may refer to Brother Machine Official Website Manual Here.

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