How To Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented Error?

Microsoft Outlook is nowadays the default email client on most Windows devices. The software, a part of the Office suite, offers several features to its users. But sometimes, you may face problems while using your Outlook account. One of the common error messages that may appear on your screen is Microsoft Outlook Not Implemented. When you get the “Not Implemented” error on Microsoft Outlook 2016 or lower version, you will be unable to send and receive emails. In such cases, you need to apply some troubleshooting methods to fix Outlook “Not Implemented” error.

What Causes Microsoft Outlook not Implemented?

There are several reasons why Microsoft Outlook not implemented Windows 10 error may occur on your device. Some of which are discussed below:

  • Defective Add-ins of MS Outlook 
  • Improper Outlook Installation 
  • Damaged Outlook Profile 
  • Corrupted Outlook PST File
  • Unintegrated Anti-virus application

How do I Fix the Microsoft Outlook Error Message “Not Implemented”?

Now when you are familiar with the reasons for Microsoft Outlook not implemented error, it’s time to apply various troubleshooting methods to fix the error. Given below are some techniques that you can apply to resolve the issues. 

Method 01: Disable Antivirus Program

The antivirus application installed on your device scans the email that you send or receive in your inbox. This scanning process can delay or hang up the working of your Outlook account. Hence, you can resolve such an issue by disabling the antivirus program.

Method 02: Turn Off Installed Add-Ins

Open the Outlook app in Safe Mode to check for any problems that occur due to add-ins. If Outlook is working properly in Safe Mode, then disable the add-ins from Outlook. All you have to do is:

  • Open Outlook and then go to File > Option and navigate to the Add-ins tab.
  • Click the Go button; after which a new pop-up box will appear on the screen.
  • Turn off one plug-in at a time.
  • At last, restart the Outlook app and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 03: Recreate Send/Receive Settings file

  • Firstly, go to the following path: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\ location.
  • Now, you have to locate the SRS file.
  • Change the name of the SRS file to something else, like ‘Outlook.srs.old’. 

After completing the above steps, restart Outlook, and a new SRS file will be created automatically.

Method 04: Repair MS Office Installation

Outlook comes with MS Office. It means if the MS Office is not properly installed on your system, it can cause problems with Office apps. Therefore, in such cases, you can repair MS Office by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Press Windows + R keys and type Control in the Run prompt that appears on the screen. Press Enter key.
  • Open Control Panel and click on Programs from the menu.
  • Now, from the Programs window, locate the MS Office application.
  • Right-click on MS Office and select Change from the navigation pane.
  • At last, select Repair and click Continue.

Method 05: Create a New Outlook Profile

It is one of the easiest methods to fix the Microsoft office outlook not implemented error. Usually, this method helps you when the Outlook profile you are using is compromised by error. You can create a new Outlook profile using the steps given below:

  • Close the Outlook app and go to “Control Panel”. 
  • Now, look for the Mail option. If the Windows Control Panel has a Category view, navigate to “User Accounts” and find the “Mail” button under it. You can even just type “Mail” in your search field to open it.
  • Next, you have to click on the “Show Profiles” tab.
  • If you have to create a new profile, click “Add”. Make sure you don’t copy the existing profile while creating a new one.
  • Go through the on-screen instructions to add an account to the profile you just created.


The above-mentioned methods will definitely help you to fix Microsoft Outlook not implemented error. If these methods fail to repair Outlook 2016/2013/2010 errors, you can try a free PST file repair tool like Scanpst.exe to fix the issue. There are several tools available online that you can use to fix the corruption issue in the PST files and make them accessible in MS Outlook.

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