How to Fix Hulu Error Code 5005? [Quick Fixes]

Hulu is one of the most popular video-on-demand subscription service providers in the US. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Hulu Tv. But sometimes, you may encounter some issues while using it. One of the common problems that many users encounter while streaming videos is Hulu Error Code 5005. 

Before we discuss more error code 5005 on the Hulu app or web browser, you must know its causes and proper troubleshooting methods. Here, in this article, we have mentioned a few common workarounds that you can apply to fix Hulu error code 5005.

What Causes Hulu Error Code 5005 on PC and App?

Whether it is Hulu error code 5003 or 5005, every error that occurs on Hulu TV has its own cause. It is important to know the exact cause of the issue before applying any method to fix it. Hulu error code 5005 is a playback error that occurs suddenly while streaming videos on Hulu TV. It means that there may be some problems when you use the Hulu app or its browser page to play video content. There may be some issues with your streaming device or Internet connection. In some cases, there can be some issues with the Hulu app installed on your device.

How to Resolve the Hulu Casting Error Code 5005?

Once you know what is Hulu error code 5005 and 5003, it’s time to fix it. If you’re facing the Error code 5005 on Hulu, make sure there is no problem at the server end. If there is no server-related issue, apply the following methods one by one to fix the error:

Method 01: Update Browser to the Latest Version

In case, if the Hulu error code 5005 is occurring on PC, then there may be some browser-related issues. Many users who have encountered this issue have confirmed that the problem can be easily resolved by updating your browser. Updating the version of your browser to the latest build available can resolve many issues, including error code 5003, 5005, and many more. This method is operational on several browsers, like Chrome and Firefox. 

Method 02: Reboot Your Device

If the error still persists, you can try to reboot your device. All you have to do is:

  • Turn off and completely disconnect your streaming device and network equipment.
  • Now, keep your devices idle for about one-two minutes.
  • Reconnect the devices and turn them ON. Also, check if the playback error persists in Hulu.

Method 03: Delete cookies and clear the cache

Most of the time, playback issues on Hulu can be resolved by clearing the browser’s cache and cookies. For this, follow the below-given steps: 

  • Open the browser with which you are facing such an issue. Click the three buttons located in the top-right corner.
  • Select More tools and then navigate to Clear browsing data.
  • Navigate to the Time Range drop-down menu and then choose the All-Time option.
  • Select the Cookies and other data, like cached images and files options.
  • At last, click the “Clear Data” button.

Method 04: Configure DNS Settings

If the errors 5005 and 5003 are still persisting, then fix your problem by configuring DNS settings. Follow the below-mentioned to change DNS settings to fix Hulu playback issues:

  • First, press the Windows + R key simultaneously and then type ncpa.cpl in the Run prompt. After that, click the OK button to open the Control Panel applet.
  • Now, locate and right-click on Network connections to choose Properties.
  • Select Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and then choose the Properties option.
  • Then, enter in the DNS server address field and in the alternative DNS server box.
  • Now, click the “OK” button to confirm the changes.

Wrapping Up:

Hulu playback errors usually occur when its device app is unable to communicate with the Hulu servers, This makes the Hulu servers unable to provide a video stream. If you are getting Hulu error code 5005 or 5003, make sure your Internet connection is stable and fast enough to stream videos. If Hulu playback issues still persist after a stable internet connection, apply the methods mentioned in this article to fix it.

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